Working mums and the dreaded sick child

Working mums and the dreaded sick child

It’s Sunday evening, you’ve got a hell of a week ahead of you in work, your head full of deadlines, and now it’s looking like you have a sick child coming up.

As the thermometer rises and the mood gets more sombre, your mind fills with fleeting strategies of how you are going to handle this if it’s not all over by the morning. Frantic, random thoughts about which meeting can or cannot be postponed fly through your head and all you can do is hope that little darling bounces back overnight. This panic-stricken state is accompanied by the crushing guilt that comes from even thinking about work when your little one is obviously not feeling well. They need you now more than ever, but so do the million projects you need to tackle at work, help!

Sick kids are one of a working mum’s biggest stresses, and a real crunch point for her organisational capabilities. There are some tricks to avoiding the chaos that comes with sickness however, and a few ways to make it all a little easier to handle.

Keep a few holidays handy. Reserve some holiday days for unforeseen events like this. That way, you don’t have to cope with the additional worry of having already used up all of your days off.

Work smart. If you have noticed that your child is not looking too great over the past day or two, or you hear that something is going around the school, factor it into how you work. Get the real urgent tasks out of the way, just in case you can’t get there one of these mornings. You will most likely get the call after lunch if you need to collect your child that day, so make the morning count.

Have your support network set up. Know who you can call on in the event of sickness, especially if it’s an important week in work. That way you don’t need to scramble for someone to turn to should the need arise.

It’s tough, and a sick child is unavoidable, but with a little planning and smart working, you can handle it. Of course you can, you’re a working mum, you can handle just about anything!

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