Working from home – it should be easy, right?

Working from home – it should be easy, right?

When you didn’t get to enjoy working from home it all seemed to be so easy. Swan into work in your own time, glide off for long tea breaks or even grab a coffee with friends at any time of the day – wrong!

Any mum who is involved in working from home knows just how busy, yet how rewarding, it can be. When you are in transit as part of working outside, all the rushing to and fro seems like so much extra work and stress. Working from home does save you a lot of travel time it’s true, make no mistake though, you will be as busy as ever.

Finding the peace and quiet to actually get work done is one of the biggest challenges, and Single Source have some great ideas for how to do this:

Put the kids to work. Let them join in mum’s interesting behaviour. Keep an old keyboard available and let them do their own typing. You could even give them an old phone to press the buttons on as part of doing their own client calls.

Get them drawing. Hang posters on the wall or have a giant flipchart put on the there. Aside from using it to plan out your own work, you can let them go crazy on it when you need some headspace.

Keep exclusive items. A box filled with goodies they don’t get to see everyday can keep the kids amused for hours. It could be craft things, puzzles, play dough or even origami. When the box is opened they get to play and you get to work.

As kids get older they will need to do their homework. Set up a station next to you and work beside each other. That way you can also be on hand should they have any questions.

Keep your working space tidy. Some days you just need to grab a few minutes to work here and there, so make sure you don’t waste it looking for things. Keep all of your items on trays and filed properly and save those valuable minutes.

This is not the complete cure for stress or time pressure, but it all helps. By taking a few steps to make things easier you will be surprised at what you can do.


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