About Word Up! – Planetfem connects its viewers with great products and services

Word Up - planetfem

Word Up! is a new video series we’re producing and today is the first broadcast day. Exciting? Yes, very much indeed! Some of you may have already seen the announcements we’ve been making for the last few months. Well, the time has finally arrived. Our series Word Up! is ready for broadcast and so far the feedback we’ve received has been great!

So what is Word Up!, exactly?

Word Up! is a planetfem initiative which aims to highlight small businesses with the greater public. Every episode is just 3-4 minutes long and briefly showcases what each small business does. Sound like a promotional film? Well, in a way it is but with a difference. Word Up! aims to connect small business with our planetfem visitors. We live in a sharing economy after all these days, so what better way to share knowlegde with those who may be looking for it! Planetfem brings the news to you so you don’t have to go searching for it.

How Word Up! is different to a regular promotional video is that each small business must give away 3 golden tips to the viewer, for free. Yes, not only do we live in a sharing economy, but we also like in a freemium world where some things, like demo’s or trials are becoming a normal part of life and influence our buying decisions. We know our viewers can make great use of certain services and we also know that our viewers want to know what small businesses can do for them from the onset before deciding to buy or utilize their service. Fair enough!

As a publishing network that reaches millions of viewers throughout the world, we thought it was time to pay it forward. The aim is to create a sub platform which connects people together, whilst at the same time providing informative and entertaining video content.

Take a look at the first episode of Word Up! With success coach Peter Gerritsen. There’s a good chance he’ll be able to help you achieve your dreams in 2015.

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