Why is de-stressing so stressful?

Why is de-stressing so stressful?

Finally, it’s time to de-stress, the holidays are here, but you are still tied to that email and thinking about work – sound familiar?

When you are busy with work, family and the myriad of other things that fill each busy day, it can actually be hard to calm down, do nothing and de-stress. The experts say however, that being a hard worker is a different thing to being a workaholic and that you need to make the distinction and learn to relax accordingly.

Some of us find de-stressing so hard to do that the very idea of trying to do so actually makes us sick. Leisure sickness is the name given to the phenomenon whereby people get sick whilst on vacation. Weekend headaches are a common complaint too and according to the Wall Street Journal, there are physical reasons for this. We are literally addicted to working and stressing out and withdrawal has side effects.

When you are pumped up with work stress or other stress, that adrenaline really gets going, and the effects on your body will last well beyond the tense moment that you encounter. Withdrawal from all of this can be as bad as withdrawing from steroids, especially if it you have built this up over long periods of time. Some people get addicted to the adrenaline rush, and simply can’t do without it. Holiday times are when they cannot get their fix so they find other ways to keep the stress going. Instead of chilling out, every single venue of interest has to be visited for example, and they return home as exhausted as ever.

The end result is that the body never gets to totally switch off and the risk of heart conditions and diabetes rises, alongside other symptoms such as depression.

Being busy is not all bad, in fact it’s often necessary, but you need to know when to turn it down. When you feel that surge of stress, take a minute and say to yourself, longevity – and make a concrete plan to turn off your body and mind – properly. In the long run, it will be the best move you ever made.

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