Why do Girls not Want to be ‘Like Other Girls’?

Why do Girls not Want to be ‘Like Other Girls’?

Have you ever noticed that society tells girls that whatever they are interested in, it is not okay? If a girl likes stereotypical girly things, she is basic, but if she likes ‘manly’ things, she is doing it for the boys. If she likes mainstream bands, she must be doing it because the singers are hot, but if she likes comics and video games, she is a fake geek girl….

If she is insecure, she should love herself…,

but the moment her self-esteem is high, she is vain. And there are many more examples. It seems like girls just can’t get a break. And that causes them to subconsciously think that being like other girls is a bad thing, and that they must be different.

Pink has been, since the World War II (yup, seriously, thank Hitler for that, before him, blue was for girls and pink for boys), considered a colour for girls, but many girls have phases, during growing up, when they claim they hate pink and that they will never wear it or own anything pink.

What is the reason behind it?

It might simply not be pleasing to their eyes, of course, but it does not happen with any other colour to that extent.

Or it might be that the society, no matter how progressive it is getting, is teaching them that being feminine is a bad thing, that feminine girls are either weak or mean and bad (how many villains from children’s and teen’s media oriented at girls are stereotypical ‘mean girls’? Hint: a lot. And you know exactly how they are portrayed), so girls feel like they have to be different to be accepted and respected. And that is honestly sad.

Most of the girls would like to sometimes be ‘classic’ girls with ‘classic’ interests and the way of dressing, but they feel like they will be ridiculed for it. Another problem that this causes is that it separates girls into groups that will potentially dislike and distrust one another. And in a man’s world, girls should stick together and help each other.

But that is hard to do when society makes it seem like all the women are out for each other’s blood, like the other women cannot be trusted, because they will, for example, always gossip about everything you tell them.
So then, of course, another thing that happens is that girls start thinking, without even realizing, that being a girl is a bad thing.

It is called internalized misogyny

and it starts in non-obvious ways, but causes long lasting damage, from the way that the girls, and later women, see themselves, to the way they see and interact with the other girls/women. As mentioned already, women are made to seem like a danger and enemies to each other, and that is just the way people who do not want strong and powerful women like it.

If women fight between themselves, they will have neither time nor strength to fight against inequalities they face in the society.

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