Why a night’s drinking actually wakes you up

Why a night’s drinking actually wakes you up

It’s been quite a night and some drinking was done. Having collapsed into bed in the wee hours feeling as if you will probably wake in two days, you find yourself awake at 5am. Just when you need to sleep it off, your body will literally just not do the job.

How on earth does too much drinking wake you up even earlier than normal? One would think that it would put you into such a stupor you would sleep more than ever. The way alcohol works on your body however means that is can really mess up your sleep. In fact, it can wake you earlier than ever.

The rebound effect is the name given to this rather annoying phenomenon, and even a tipple or two before bed can set it off, depending on your age, weight and general tolerance for alcohol. Yes, you will go right out like a baby initially, in fact getting to sleep is the easy bit. The problem starts during the second stages of your sleeping cycle and it is at this point that you will probably be dragged out of dreamland. The body adjusts to the fact that you have been drinking alcohol in the first stages of sleep and everything carries on as normal. As the substance works its way out of your body however, a rebound occurs which messes up the sleep cycle.

After drinking more than normal, your body will probably process the alcohol in your system in around five hours. All goes seemingly well after you hit the bed, but once this period of time is over, the rebound kicks in and bingo, you are wide awake at 6am just when there is no work and you really need the sleep.

A good way to monitor how sensitive you are to this is to document how early you wake after drinking units of alcohol. We all party from time to time so if this happens, a light work out might be the key. One thing is sure, you will sleep like a baby the next night, but you can probably write the day off!

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