When to follow advice – it’s great to get, but is it any good?

When to follow advice – it’s great to get, but is it any good?

Advice is great to get, but how do you know when to take it on board? When figuring this out, look at the source.

Sometimes we all need some advice. It’s helpful to get guidance from others at certain points in our life or our careers. So how do you know when to listen to it or ignore it? How do you know you are asking the right person?

One thing to consider when someone gives you advice is the context in which they are doing so. Where are they coming from themselves, and could there be any agenda or bias in what they say? If you are confident this is not the case, then this is a genuine opinion on the best course of action.


Also consider whether the person is advising you as a way to make themselves look good or get their opinion across on something. When you get advice you want something unbiased that will actually help, not someone else’s opportunity to vent or show off.

If you are seeking the advice of someone who you think might know a little more about a topic than you do, make sure you still evaluate their sources. Did they hear something from another person? Have they experienced something themselves, or is any information third party? In short, do they actually know what they are talking about?

Is the person a sayer and not a doer? Can someone give you sound advice based on their experience or can they talk for days about what you should do without having ever done so themselves? There can be a wealth of small things to learn when you actually do something, so does this person come with the granular knowledge that only experience can bring? Of is it a case of having a vague idea about something.

If you need advice, choose your sources well. If you do so, you can learn a lot!


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