When Christmas just does not feel right

When Christmas just does not feel right

Christmas is a special time of the year, a wonderful few weeks when everyone is literally bursting with happiness and good cheer. This is not always the case for everyone however.

Being down at Christmas can be especially tough and it does happen. A bleak outlook for the coming year, being far away from family and friends, or not having much money to throw around can all contribute to a little glumness. The problem with Christmas is that you are not really allowed to be the grinch, especially if you have kids who adore this time of the year.

The answer is to try and make it all a little easier if you can. Dragging yourself through a frantic rush, food prep and all the other aspects of the holiday season will probably result in feeling like you didn’t do it properly, so just bring it down a knotch for a year. Chances are, no body will notice anyway. One of the first steps in getting through Christmas when ho ho ho is the last thing you feel like saying is to remove room for stress and exhaustion as much as possible. Frantic card writing can be replaced with ecards. Racing around the shops can be replaced with handy vouchers or online shopping with gifts delivered to loved ones and friends directly.

Keep your house to yourself. Sounds a bit selfish, but maybe for this year you need to sit it out and having a pile of people around will not help you at this time. Avoid holding dinners at your place, you can always do it next year when things are looking better. You could even short circuit the whole thing and go on holidays for Christmas week, have someone cook and clean for you and chill out to the maximum. If it’s a struggle this time round, then don’t let it all get you down, find a way to do things that you can handle and before you know it, you will emerge in better shape than you thought.

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