What your choice of pet says about you

What your choice of pet says about you

The kind of pet you opt for says a lot about you, both in terms of your lifestyle and your personality. So do you conform to the stereotypes?

Your chosen pet will often be connected to the kind of job you do according to Petag. Some studies have indicated that CEOs, IT people, entertainers, nurses and military folk are often dog owners. Doctors, machine operators and real estate people on the other hand, are more likely to own cats.

Fish are apparently the favoured pet for those who work in the world of finance, farming, the hotel and leisure industry, or HR. Reptiles are a big favorite amongst writers, engineers, marketing and PR professionals, law enforcement officials, and social workers. People in administrative jobs, advertising, construction, and sales are more likely to have birds.

Those with reptiles are usually high earners too, which is interesting. Whatever our pet says about our job, it can say something else about our personality. There is a common conception that dog owners are more honest and conscientious, while cat owners are supposedly more independent. Fish owners, meanwhile, are non-materialistic, and introverted. It gets even more complicated when they start to look at breeds too. Owners of dogs like beagles are thought to be very loyal yet stubborn and those who own a spaniel should be more caring an nurturing.

It’s all a bit vague and not a lot has been definitively proven. One thing is certain though, whatever the pet may be, the bond between animal and owner is the key thing. A pet can bring out the best in you, whether you apply the characteristics of a cat, dog, or even a fish to yourself. If you enjoy your pet and look after it well, then one can say you are happy in this way, and you don’t need science to tell you that.

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