The celebs and their rebellious armpits

The celebs and their rebellious armpits

Generally, when we look at the well dressed celebs on the carpets, we don’t pay much attention to their armpits. That has changed recently however and armpits have become a little more – noticeable.

It’s a trend that one would never dream of seeing on the red carpet, armpits that are not quite attended to. Now it could be the case that the celebs do lead quite busy lives and that some simply didn’t get to do the job properly in the shower. For some however, unshaven armpits are more of a statement than an accident. Julia Roberts was one of the first to get snapped with the unshaven look, back in 1999 at a premiere in London. Since then, this look has popped up a few times around the place and famed women such as Drew Barrymore and Hillary Swank have been snapped looking not exactly clean shaven.

Whilst for some it’s an accident, for other famous women it’s a sort of armpit rebellion. They are making a statement about women being in control of how they want their body to look. It’s hard to argue with the really, even if wild armpits are a little strange to look at. It was back in the roaring twenties when women began to clear this area and it’s been the status quo ever since. In fact, undone armpits usually means for most women that sleeveless is out for that day and they will opt for a sleeved top. Some interesting celebs are taking this on however and challenging the norm.

Whether you love the idea or hate it, it will be an interesting one to watch in the media. The outcome of the armpit rebellion remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, it will entertain us all as it rages, and that can’t be a bad thing.

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