What “having it all” actually means for women today

What “having it all” actually means for women today

Its been well documented for some time now how many so women have extended their focus beyond housewife to high-powered. Despite the obstacles in their path, women in the workplace still work hard to climb that corporate ladder, and they have to do so with family responsibilities in tow.

In a recent survey, LinkedIn and Cross-Tab market research company explored the ways today’s women work to achieve what they consider the perfect balance between professional and family life. The survey reported that 77% of women worldwide consider their careers successful, despite notable obstacles along the way. Chief among these hurdles to success were inequality in pay (44%), difficulties in balancing work and personal life (44%), and a lack of female mentors and role models (33%).

When it comes to starting families, 43% declared they preferred to wait a while longer, 25% planned to go back to work after having children and 22% envisaged being stay-at-home moms. One of the most interesting findings from this research relates to pay. More women prefer better work/life balance to higher salaries, and this is despite the problem of unequal pay. Thus, salary is important but life balance takes number one spot on the wish list for our working girls.

Ghirardelli created a great infographic which offers a closer look into the working woman’s definition of success. If this piece of research is anything to go by, it seems ambition burns but common sense prevails – true testament to a woman’s ability to strive while keeping her feet on the ground – go girls!



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