We need to get some of that Serena Williams stuff

We need to get some of that Serena Williams stuff

What a woman Serena Williams is. Beautiful, powerful, talented and above all, able to speak her mind without fear. If you want to take a leaf from someone’s book, this is the lady.

Having beaten her sister in the US Tennis Open recently, Serena Williams had to attend a press conference and go through the usual loops that a winning professional does. Now one could argue that such duties are part and parcel of the job and answering a stream of questions from journalists is what happens when you are a winner. Serena Williams seems to handle these things in a different way however, and one has to admire her ablity to be straight-up about things.

A journalist suggested at the time that she was not smiling and looking a little sad and questioned if this was because she had just beaten her sister. Serena’s response was classic as she replied that she did not want to be there. The tennis superstar noted that she actually wanted to be in bed because she was up early to practice. William’s was pretty blunt about not wishing to be there answering the same questions time and again.

It’s no surprise that this lady has tired a little of what gets said about people in the spotlight. She has also had to handle negative comments about her body, hard to believe when she is one of the world’s top athletes. Serena brushes it all off, noting that she is proud of her body, her strength and that she is aware that she is beautiful. She notes that keeping up with all of these comments and questions is a drain on her time and her focus is on winning and inspiring others to do so.

Serena William’s unapologetic, uncompromising stance could be seen as an example for women everywhere. She is a true champion, in so many ways. Let’s hope our young women get in on her self confidence and benefit from simply not getting caught up in it all.

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