Tom and Jerry are 75!

Tom and Jerry are 75!

This year iconic animation characters Tom and Jerry turn a whopping 75 years old. There are not many from recent generations that don’t know this cat and mouse duo, and their appeal lives on.

Although animation keeps them looking forever young, Tom and Jerry are now in their 70’s, yet their appeal is as strong as it ever was. It turns out that they have changed with age a little however, and that the original 1940’s version looks quite different to what we see today.

Although they look a bit different, their capers remain the same and they have captured the imagination of kids and adults as easily as ever. Cat and mouse scenarios are still perfect to bring about a giggle – the recipe still works. Hanna-Barbera handled Tom and Jerry from 1940 to 1958. Back in those days Tom’s face was rounder and his coat was much more that of a shaggy cat compared to the sleek feline he is today. During the 50’s Tom and Jerry were created in the former Czechoslovakia and Tom’s owner, Clint Cobbler was introduced. After a string of Academy awards, ratings had begun to fall at this stage, but all was not lost.

Chuck Jones took over in 1963 and the character’s appearances changed a little. A this was the man who created roadrunner, among other greats, he introduced some of their style to the characters. It was at this point that both Tom’s eyebrows and Jerry’s ears got bigger and faces in general got just a bit cuter.

Today in the noughties, their look has not changed a whole lot from the 60’s, although sharper animation makes them look clearer. The 60s jingle at the beginning of the cartoon is still there too. If you have a hankering to go back to your childhood, but want to watch something that’s not as harsh as some of the modern animations, then Tom and Jerry are it!

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