All the things you didn’t want to know about Kim!

All the things you didn’t want to know about Kim!

You’ve probably heard about her. Who hasn’t? The question is: Why, exactly, is she so famous? Well, we thought, we’d share a few details about Ms. K. Kardashian AND her family, you know, just so you know!

She was born!

Let’s start at the beginning. Kim was born on the 21st of October in 1980 which makes her 35 years old. She has 5 siblings of which 2 are full sisters and a brother. Their names are Khloe, Khourtney and Rob Kardashian. The Kardashians father is Robert Kardashian who was O.J Simpson lawyer but passed away in 2003.

Kris Jenner, Kim’s mother, remarried a man called Bruce Jenner (photo below left) who now happens to be a woman called Caitlyn Jenner (photo below right). Before becoming a woman, Kris and Bruce had 2 daughters called Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

bruce CaitlynJenner_060115Copy_ren640

Before Kim became famous, she was Paris Hilton’s assistant. In 2006 formed a relationship with singer Ray J with whom she made a sexy video with. The film was “leaked” to the press and 6 months later the first episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” aired on national TV in the US.

Overnight success?

keepingThe reality show became so big that they made another 11 seasons of it and this how the entire family continues to make their money. After years it is still the biggest reality show ever. But Kim isn’t just a reality star. She’s a business woman too and has a number of shop’s in Los Angeles, New York and Miami called Dash, which she runs with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney. In June 2014 she launched a game for Android and iPhone where the goal is to well, just get famous.  5 days after the game’s launch  it had earned $1,6 million US dollars.

Kim has also had a number of small acting roles in TV shows like 2 Broke Girls, Last Man Standing, How I met your mother, The simple life and a lot more. In 2015 she published a book called Selfish. The book is full of all the selfies she has ever taken….

Over the years she has become one of the biggest celebrities and has 44 million followers on Twitter, 67,5 million on Instagram and 28 million on Facebook. Designers and company’s pay her to promote their products on her social media accounts. Paid, of course! When  Fashion Week comes around, designers pay her to go to the show. Just to be there, sitting there, watching their brands on the runway. First row seats, of course, Kim simply doesn’t have to settle for less!


Not just a pretty face kimkardashian_papermag

It’s not just her face and personality which she is known for. No, no, no! Kim has quite a booty and has done enough shoots for magazine covers where only her BUTT is the centre of attention. And it doesn’t stop there. Kim will happily show her bottom off on her personal Instagram account too.

Since 2012, Kim has been in a relationship with Kanye West and in 2013 their daughter North West was born. In May  of 2014 Kim and Kanye married and in 2015 welcomed a their second child, a boy they called Saint West.

So now you know all about Kim Kardashian and her family. The next time you hear people talking about her you actually join the conversation, knowing what she’s done, how much money she makes and in all honesty, also talk about her smart business talents!

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