The trick to living longer

The trick to living longer

Living longer is a goal that most people would have. Extending our time on this planet and hanging around as long as we can is the ultimate goal for many of us. So what’s the secret?

If living longer is your aim, you can go about it by living as healthy a life as you possibly can. There are other factors that impact your longeity though, and a good helping of luck is involved too.

For one, there seem to be differences in terms of living longer when it comes to social status. An International body of research has found that being at the top of your game, and being renowned in your profession actually means you could stick around a little more. One would think that the pressure at the top would make the opposite true, but as it turns out, if you are successful you might get to enjoy living longer too.

Your family history has a huge role to play. Generally, if you come from a long line of people who have made it to a ripe old age, you have a much higher chance of doing so yourself.

Your nationality can affect your chances. If you live in a country where a healthy diet and lifestyle is part of the culture, it’s an added benefit and ups your chances. The famed longevity of the Japanese is testament to this.


Aside from lady luck, you can play a role in determining how long your own future will be by keeping to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Watching what you eat, reducing stress and making sure you get enough exercise in is key to living as long as you can. Whether the odds are on your side naturally or not, you can certainly give it your best shot!

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