The best countries to be a woman

The best countries to be a woman

The World Economic Forum (WEF) generally keeps track of the best countries to be a woman. Their Global Gender Gap Report outlines which countries are taking the most action to close the gender gap.

The top players globally in terms of being one of the best countries to be a woman are, probably unsurprisingly, based way up there in the Nordics. Famed for thinking outside the box on all sorts of issues, when it comes to women’s rights, it’s the same deal here. Of the 142 countries analyzed, the Nordic contingent of Iceland (the winner), Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, are right up there.

The report measures gender-based disparities across four key areas: health, education, economy and politics. Whilst no-where in the world has managed to close the gap completely, the entire Nordic region has managed to close over 80% of it. And it’s not a case of being a rich country either, some of the less wealthy nations have made great strides in women’s equality. Nicaragua, Rwanda and the Philippines ranked higher than the United Kingdom which was way down in the late twenties. The US was very low down in the ratings too.

Gender equality has benefits for everyone and is the key to the success of our world going forward. When women are safe, educated and offered equal opportunities, both business and society are infused with a healthy balance. In addition, issues such as population explosion become less problematic as women’s education and participation in society increases.

We still have a long way to go, but hopefully one day we will get to a world where women have the same opportunities, the same pay and the same rights as everybody else. The best countries be a woman should include each and every country of our world. Then and only then will we have true equality.

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