Tackling your sugar addiction

Tackling your sugar addiction

You are not a person who is prone to addiction, you drink in moderation, don’t smoke, but you may have a sugar addiction.

Although you could be the healthiest living of all the people you know, exercising and keeping the booze and bad food to acceptable levels, how are you doing on sugar? Sugar addiction is rife in our society and over processed, over sweetened foods keep us in this cycle.


Some women do great on diet and exercise, but most of us cheat with sugar. It’s more than a desire for a cookie or some chocolate, it’s an all consuming craving. Often you will munch through a whole bag of nuts before resorting to the yummy chocolate in the end. Sugar addiction is hard to beat. So how can you go about getting some sucess in fighting it off?


First of all, don’t starve yourself in the process. Sugar addiction is when your brain calls our for energy or that quick fix. Make sure you are not hungry of the problem gets harder to bear. Pop on some wholegrain pasta or make cheese and crackers. It’s the last thing you want at that moment, when you are drooling over a brownie, but a fuller tummy will put things into more perspective.

Run away – literally. Get out there and go for a walk or a jog. Leave the danger zone where what you are craving lies and get some calorie burning exercise in too. You will also get some endorphins on the go, which will give you that feel-good sensation that you thought only that chunk of chocolate could.

Get enough sleep too. When you are battling tiredness, you crave sugar even more and you don’t have the energy to fight the sugar addiction. Make it easier on yourself by being in shape to resist.

It’s a long road and it requires a change of eating patterns, but if you can beat a sugar addiction you will find yourself supplementing with the right foods. And of course, that square of chocolate will be all the sweeter every time you treat yourself.

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