Tackling forgetfulness – help yourself get better

Tackling forgetfulness – help yourself get better

Forgetfulness is not just an issue we suffer from in old age. Some of us are simply not born with a good memory, others are so tired, it’s hard to hold things in our head as we are less efficient in doing so.

For women who work too, it can hamper their daily working life, and even be a cause for concern when dealing with the boss or colleagues. There’s nothing worse than dropping the ball on a project, or being unable to recall a conversation where something was discussed previously. There is actually a website devoted to memory improvement tips (which means that there are a lot more people out there than you think with this issue), and it has some great ideas for helping to handle this often embarrassing issue.

Make your life easier by putting things that always get lost right where they should be. Put car keys in a specific container or hook and always put them right back when you get home.

If you can never remember where you parked, select a strategy. If you know that it’s got to be somewhere in the first or second row from the door, you don’t need to wander all around. Create a habit and it will simplify things, removing the need to remember.

Keep an agenda, but more importantly, make it routine to check it every single day. That way you get the benefit of registering all your to-dos.

If you have problems remembering names, write it down on paper. You will probably forget the name just after being told, but if you can refer to the paper, you will remember better.

Can’t remember that someone told you something? This is probably a concentration issue. You simply may not be paying attention when other people speak, even though that is not your intention. Make an active decision to listen carefully and repeat back what you have been told. It will make a big difference.

The trick seems to be in keeping routines and focus. It’s not always easy or possible, but if you can get better at these things life will run smoother, and you will get caught out a lot less.

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