Some snippets from our successful sisters

Some snippets from our successful sisters

There is plenty of advice out there about creating or building on success, but what about some advice straight from the horses mouth? We have trawled through a selection of tips from 20 of the UK’s most successful women and picked out the main themes. The results are summarised below into a few inspirational soundbytes:

  • Be brave – take calculated risks, follow your passion, and believe in what you are doing.
  • Work hard – this puts you at an advantage from the start. Do everything to the best of your ability.
  • Be as honest as you can and keep your integrity – it makes life much less complicated, clearing the way for achievement. Be yourself, it’s a waste of energy to maintain a facade.
  • Stay focussed and be confident – don’t waver or compromise as you move towards your goals, and don’t let people talk you out of something you truly believe in.
  • Connect – build and use your peer connections. Help and support other women and build together.
  • Be willing to learn – learning never stops, challenge yourself, and reap the rewards of learning each day.


These themes resonate with all of us, from career women to stay-at-home mums. In essence, if we can manage to be ourselves, take all that is great about being a woman and channel it into our lives pursuits, the results can’t fail to be good. We’ve all got it in us, it’s just a matter of tapping into that positive resource and making it deliver.




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