Some powerful women you may not have thought of

Some powerful women you may not have thought of

German Chancellor Angela Merkel still holds the number one spot on the list of the world’s most powerful women. There are quite a few non potitical women in that list of power girls too. Whether you are a politician or not, you can wield an influence, and these women prove that.

Powerful women come in various shapes, sizes and professions. Whilst we expect that one of the world’s top political figures would be be quite powerful, entertainers are too, just in a different way. At number 12 on the list of these superwomen is Oprah Winfrey, a self-made story of success. There is no doubt she deserves her place there. Worth over $3 billion dollars, she’s certainly put herself in the top list of earners for either males or females and she’s been an influential figure for at least two generations now.

Singers turn up on the powerful women list too, and quite a few of them actually. Beyonce is on the list, along with Shakira and Taylor Swift. In fact, Swift is touted as being one of the most influential figures out there at the moment, thanks to an effective combination of a successful singing career and business savvy. In her mid twenties, she is also the youngest of the women on that list, quite impressive.

Some of the more renowned actresses are getting in on it too, Sofia Vergara and Angeline Jolie feature on the list. And getting back to politics of course, Hillary Clinton is right up there with Angela M.

It goes to show that it does not take a super profession like that of being a political leader to be powerful. Powerful women can stake their claim by being talented, a good talker, or pretty much anything they want. If you have passion for what you do, it can take you places, no matter what it is.

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