Some of the Best Apps to Organize Your Life

Some of the Best Apps to Organize Your Life

We live in the age of technology. Everyone has a smartphone, and it is amazing how much it can do for us. Before, we would need tens of different devices to do all the things that we can do now with a couple of taps on the phone. And we are talking only about the default applications you get with your phone when you buy it. With the internet and creativity of millions of people at your disposal, we can use our phones for far more than we probably realize. For example, they can help us organize our lives better. Not to say that you cannot do it with default apps on your phone (Calendar, Notepad, and Alarm can do wonders), but the apps mentioned in this article are way more customizable and can have many different uses, and frankly, even be fun.

Habitica (Android, iOS) – Habitica (former HabitRPG) is an app that lets you track habits and to-dos. The unique thing about it is that it has a form of a role-playing game, in which completing tasks and daily/weekly/etc habits rewards you with gold and experience, and failing to complete them results in your character losing health (and if you lose all your health, you lose a level and all your gold). As you level up, you can find a guild, equip new gear, fight monsters, get pets and mounts and much more. You can also pause your tasks at the Inn in case you need a break or other responsibilities get in the way.

Wunderlist (Android, iOS) and Remember The Milk (Android, iOS) – Both of these apps are relatively simplistic to-do and task manager apps where you can make lists for different kinds of tasks, set reminders and make sub-tasks or notes. Another great thing about them is that you can share your lists with other people.

period tracker

Period Tracker (Android, iOS) – There are many apps that help you track your period (and they usually offer many other options, like tracking ovulation, sex, health symptoms, some even have forums and articles on reproductive and female health), and honestly, several most popular ones are basically all equally good. The one featured in the article, though, has cute animals to ‘guide’ you through it, so that is a sweet little bonus. These apps are good because they do all the work for you. All you really need to do is mark the beginning and the end of your period, and the app will, as the months pass, calculate and predict the next ones and warn you about any irregularities. It also shows your fertile days, which is helpful if you are trying to get pregnant.

evernote app

Evernote (Android, iOS) – Evernote is an app that lets you make notes. And not just ordinary notes. From the classic text ones, to the audio, video and picture ones, you can do it any way you prefer. You can also organize them into different notebooks, format and share them as needed.

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