Sleep is still the best medicine

Sleep is still the best medicine

Some people just can’t get enough sleep, others don’t seem to need much of it. Regardless of whether you are a quick sleeper or an 8 hours plus princess, sleep is an invaluable part of good health.

Ever notice that you have a cold coming on in the evening, but a good night’s sleep has it gone by the morning? That’s the replenishing power of rest. When you sleep deeply, your body gets to work on repair and rejuvenation issues. Sometimes, it’s possible to nip things in the bud by literally sleeping them off. Save time, money and lost productivity by getting to bed a little earlier and ensuring you sleep through the night. Sleep can, quite literally, remove the need for medicine by letting your army of proteins, antibodies and hormones do their job more effectively.

The old adage, “sleep is the best medicine” is perhaps something we should revisit. You know yourself when you have not had enough sleep, you can’t think clearly, you can be cranky and you feel generally off. Getting those z’s at night has such an impact on how your body works, that it can even be the remedy for many of the things we run to the doctor for. Aside from feeling better, you burn fat and build muscle better when you are rested. Hormones tend to flucuate more when you are tired too, so sleep can get things back on an even keel, better for you and probably those around you too.

Melantonin is a key part of setting yourself up for slumber and our modern screens and the blue light they emit don’t help in its production. If you can manage to wean yourself off the screens from around 8pm and resist the urge to check in one more time before you sleep, your melatonin can increase and kick in at just the right time to send you off to the land of nod.

If you find you are struggling with sickness or not performing as well during the day as you should, consider a new approach. Rather than throwing more hours of wakefulness at it – just sleep on it, and see the benefits for yourself.


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