Secrets of successful women

Secrets of successful women

From time to time, it’s good to tap into the wisdom of some of those successful women out there. It’s true that tips from successful women abound, but it’s good to remind ourselves of what they have to say from time to time. It gets us thinking and helps to keep us on the right track.

How do successful women do it? With guts, hard work and determination, but also through their way of working. Here are some ways that you can build on your success, just by the manner in which you do things.

One thing that successful women swear by is listening, truly listening and heaven knows, we women are good at that. You need to be able to tap into what people’s needs are and what colleagues are really telling you. It’s handy to know how people are thinking as you go about planning too. You might not be able to keep everyone happy but showing you are listening to what folks have to say will make a difference.

Always learn. No matter how many years you have been in the game you can learn. Successful women make it their mission to constantly do so, transforming mistakes or bad decisions into learnings that make their behaviour even more productive in future. Part of learning is learning to trust yourself too, and to follow your instincts when they are very strong. Ask plenty of questions, don’t be afraid to stand up and ask when you don’t know something. You are smart enough to work things out when you do, so get all the information you need.

Be yourself. If you spend an inordinate amount of time trying to play the role of somebody else, you are wasting energy that you could put into your own success.

Successful women make things work for them, and they achieve a lot. They are also human beings however with their own faults and failings. This means that there is scope for all of us. Take a long think about how you work and ask yourself if you do things like listening enough, or asking questions. You may find the path to your new way of working and your own bright future.


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