Photoshop – they’re at it again!

Photoshop – they’re at it again!

We’ve had a flurry of no make-up selfies that were anything but, and now some photoshop blips have been making celebrity headlines again.

There’s no doubt about it, celebs love photoshop, using it constantly to hide flaws and look completely perfect. Whilst this causes much mirth and sometimes anger amongst the general public, perhaps it’s easier for Joe Soap to complain about it. After all, when your body and face is your bread and butter, and the central part of your career,  it’s hard to blame them really. Lindsey Lohan has come in for a lot of criticism of late, having posted a dubious selfie that shows off an impossibly flat tummy. It looked like the shot was taken in a bathroom with something akin to bottles of soap in the background. Some fans began to comment on Instagram that a few of the bottles actually appeared slanted, and a quick look at the picture confirms that they are. Perhaps that was the design of the bottles in question, but they are a little too close to the tummy area in that pic for comfort. The jury is out, but it’s all sounding very unrealistic.

Good old photoshop is certainly here to stay and people will continue to use it to make themselves look better. Should we get annoyed with the stars for doing so? In most cases people simply laugh it all off. It does become a little more serious however when we consider the fact that unrealistic body images are being portrayed to an entire generation of young people. It is the false expectations and the related feelings of failure that are the enemy here. So, if Linsday wants to shave off a few centimeters that’s ok, as long as it stays a joke, and we decode these images for our young people. These images will circulate no matter what we do, so we need to stay in contact with our young people, discuss, question, and above all, laugh.


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