Natural ways to alleviate stress

Natural ways to alleviate stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life and dealing with it in the right way can be key to our health and longevity.

There are quick and easy ways to deal with stress, such as taking medication, but in the long run, such a solution is not the right course of action. What you need are some natural ways to bring down stress levels and to help you cope. By following some of these natural stress relief tips, you can find your mind and body feeling better, without the need to take a pill of any sort.

Stress keeps those cortisol levels high in your body. You are all set for fight or flight and if this is sustained over a long period of time, your body gets exhausted. A great tip for reducing stress is to get away from it, even for a short time. If you are feeling overwhelmed step away from the situation, go for a walk and let your mind and body re-charge.

A side effect of stress is tiredness and the quick antidote to this is to guzzle coffee. Whilst this may work in the short term, it’s not a long term plan. Caffeine is a stimulant that increases adrenaline in the body, and you are already pumped with that from being stressed out. Natural drinks will help keep you hydrated and calm, in particular herbal teas with the right relaxing ingredients.

Your blood sugar levels can fluctuate during times of stress, so keeping it balanced will help a lot. Eat small amounts of food regularly and keep yourself on an even keel.

Finally, breathe. Let your body get that valuable oxygen in and release yourself from being pent up. Lie down or meditate for even a short while and you will reap the benefits.

When you are wound up, the key is to take a break and not follow the usual fast fixes. Do this and you will emerge stronger to tackle stress – for good.

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