Could you be a mumpreneur?

Could you be a mumpreneur?

The rise of the mumpreneur has been documented in recent years, as a growing number of mums launch a new kind of start-up business, and redefine the way women work today.

The term mumpreneur has actually made it into the Collins English Dictionary as the number of women starting their own business whilst playing the role of stay at home mum is on the rise. It’s a dramatic development too, with mum business accounting for quite a large portion of the private sector.

Whether it be to mitigate the impact of the recent recession on her family, or to find a way to work without being away all day, today’s mum is doing it differently, and making it happen from her home office, or her kitchen table.

Forsaking the security of that monthly paycheck may seem like an incredible leap of faith to many, however, for a lot of women, the alternatives don’t actually exist. Exorbitant childcare rates may mean that leaving home to work is a waste of time, and mum may not even take home enough to cover the costs of working. The result is that they are forced out of the employment market, and going it alone is a way to keep a foot in the door.

Almost half of small businesses fail within the first five years, so becoming a mumpreneur is not an easy path to success. It’s a tough slog at times too, mums will frequently work evenings, during school times and any other minute possible. Even if your tired after a day with the kids, work still has to get done, and no-one knows this better than a mumpreneur. The flip side of having to be this flexible however is that mum can also move work around to accommodate a school trip, dentist visit, or other event.

Aside from actually doing the work, admin also has to be done, alongside research, and pitching for business. Each day is choc full, and there’s no end to the to-dos. It’s uncertain, and it’s tough, but if you are not afraid of hard work, being a mumpreneur can be the most rewarding thing you’ve done.

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