Making more time with your kids

Making more time with your kids

Time spent with your kids can seem elusive. With each passing birthday you feel a growing sense of being too busy to spend enough time with them.

How on earth does one make more time with the kids? Either they are at school, you are working, or there is a pile of housework to be done. And that’s not to mention dinner, which annoyingly has to get done seven days a week. Before you know it, the years have flown by and you wonder how you didn’t manage to make more time to just hang out with them.

There are some small things you can do to build in a little more together time and they don’t involve running off on day trips either. It’s about building a little more quality into those bits of time you have. First of all, think about walking places. True, the car is quicker, but if you can afford to take those few moments out for a stroll it can make all the difference. Walking and talking together without the distractions of traffic and parking can be a completely different experience. You can literally create memories en route to your destination.

Join in the games if you can. When you take those few precious moments to relax, forget the TV and whip out a board game. If video games are insisted upon, then join in rather than lettng the kids play themselves. You will be laughed at, but that’s part of the fun too.

Try movie nights. When you let them stay up a little later than normal, try home movie nights. Popcorn, some healthy treats and a family friendly movie are just the right ingredients to spend time together with your kids, and it’s super cost effective too. You would have spend time in front of the TV anyway, so turn it into movie night instead.

Time with the kids should not mean an overhaul of everything you do. Just sneak it into the everyday and over time those quality hours will build up and pay off.

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