Just brush your teeth and fall in to bed? Don’t think so…

Just brush your teeth and fall in to bed? Don’t think so…

Like most parts of your body, your teeth need a little extra TLC when you hit your forties.

When you are tired at night, the last thing you feel like is a routine to clean your teeth. It’s tempting to give them a quick brush and then collapse into bed. Unfortunately, when you hit your forties, that’s not really an option anymore.

At this stage, you are more prone to issues with your teeth that gums, so need to take a little extra care and put a little more work in. One thing you need to be wary of is gum disease, or gingivitis. Left unwatched, this will progress to periodontitis and at this stage gums recede and it’s hard to get them to come back properly. The long term effect of untreated gum disease is lost teeth, as the bums simply cannot support them anymore. Aside from keeping teeth well cleaned, you need to visit the dentist regularly, as symptoms of gum disease may be hard to spot. Bleeding gums are a sign, so if you see that when you brush, it may be time for a check-up.

Brush regularly with a toothbrush that is the right shape and strength for your gums, and be sure to floss. This may seem like an added extra, but it’s vital to oral health.

You may also suffer from sensitive teeth, but there are ways to combat this. Ensure your brush is not too hard, and brush gently when you do your teeth. If necessary, buy one of the toothpaste brands suitable for sensitive teeth.

Diet is key too, and fruit and veg are vital. That vitamin C is key for gum health so make it a part of your daily diet.

Yes, it’s a little more work, but when you think of the time and money you will spend on treatments and repairs if your teeth are neglected, it’s worth it. Happy flossing!

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