Journaling – a fun and useful hobby

Journaling – a fun and useful hobby

Have you ever heard of a term ‘bullet journal’? Even if you haven’t, there are chances that you used it in one way or another. If you ever wrote a list of things you need to do and then crossed them out when you finished them, if you  decorated your notebooks and study notes, or even if you wrote a diary as a teenager – you can find all of those things and more in someone’s bullet journal. Or something else entirely. Bullet journals can (and should) be as unique as their owners, and that is what makes them great.

Bullet journal  (or BuJo) is usually a notebook used in multiple ways to help people organize their life and express their creativity. Some people use them as diaries, some people paint and draw in them, but what they are most recognizable for are their daily/weekly/monthly spreads that help you be more productive.

For example, if you like minimalistic stuff, you can take a ruler, divide a page in eight parts, write dates and days of the week on top of the seven, and leave the last one for additional notes. All you have to do then is write the tasks that you want to complete each day, and keep your BuJo somewhere where you can see it. That way, you will not forget things you need to do, and it is also very satisfying to mark the tasks as done. You can also use bullet journaling to monitor your health and fitness

If you are feeling creative, though, the possibilities are endless. You can draw, paint, put stickers and pictures in, and there are many stationery products that are used almost exclusively for bullet journals and are super fun and simple to use, such as washi tapes – colourful adhesive tapes that can be used to decorate your BuJo… and pretty much anything else.

However, it is important to note that you do not need to be artistically inclined to enjoy bullet journaling. It can be daunting when you first start, going on the internet and seeing many out of this world beautiful BuJos (bullet journal internet community is huge), with hand painted pages and amazing calligraphy, but it does not mean yours will be any less great.

Rulers and drafting compasses can be a great help to make things look nice, and even if not everything is perfectly symmetrical and maybe something did not turn out the way you planned it, it will still be something personal to you, your own little thing.

It might also seem like you need lots of specific supplies for bullet journaling, but honestly, all you really need is a notebook and a pen. They are perfectly enough to start and try things out. If you decide you like it and want to do it in a more elaborate way, everything you need can be found in your local stores, and, no matter what people say, brands do not matter that much. You can buy some cheap colouring pencils, pens, stickers, anything you feel like, and have great fun with that. Or print out some pictures from the internet and stick them in your BuJo. The main point is, once again, to have fun and do it the way it will be practical and useful to you.

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