Jennifer Aniston and other 40’s girls – life is better than ever!

Jennifer Aniston and other 40’s girls – life is better than ever!

Would you believe that it’s been 11 years since Brangenlina formed and Jennifer Aniston found herself on the wrong side of that relationship? Since then however, the actress has truly moved on.

Jennifer has been quoted as saying that her 40s have been more than fabulous – providing her with a new found clarity and a steady boyfriend. Anniston, now 45, comments that she has had more fun post 40 than she can remember. The stars have truly aligned for her at this point and she comments that work-wise, physically and psychologically; she is doing better than ever.

Asked about ageing, Jennifer Aniston points out something that a lot of women over 40 know already – the point at which we start feeling old has moved on a few notches. She notes waiting for pains in the knee or similar ageing effects, but so far, so good, and if anything her recent movies are doing great, with possible Oscars on the horizon.

Her romance with fiancé Justin Theroux is doing great too, and she has nothing but good things to say about him and his ability to handle life dating ‘brand Jen’.

It’s true to say that a woman in her 40’s is a whole new ball game these days. The general perception of where you might be in life at that point is a world away from what it was even a generation ago. Women simply have too much to do to feel old at 40 now. With many having possibly waited until their 30’s to even begin thinking about settling down, they are still right on track for their ambitions, and doing the same things a woman 10 or even 20 years younger be doing.

Life has indeed turned around for girls, and what might have been inconceivable generations before is commonplace now. All we need to do is work our way up to a few other items, such as equal pay and we are truly on our way to getting the most out of life – whatever age we are.

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