It works to be more assertive

It works to be more assertive

Assertive is not something many of us would describe ourselves as being. In fact, being a little indirect in order to be polite is a well-known part of British culture.

If being assertive does not come naturally, it is a very difficult trait to cultivate and not being able to stand your ground can have quite an impact on your working life. There are a whole host of benefits to being assertive and direct, and these benefits apply not only to any particular individual, but to society as a whole. Changecom outlines some of the reasons why we should become a little more direct in our communications – for our good and for the good of others.

Assertiveness leads to quicker decision making and more productive actions. In today’s world, there is a plethora of ways to communicate and in order to have your voice heard, it’s important to be confident in what you are saying and to get your views across. When people can express themselves freely and without fear, more ideas are generated and creativity and productivity increases. In a work setting, being part of a workforce where members can debate, argue and challenge means that whoever shouts the loudest is not the only one heard. Those who may be more timid can express a good idea, and those who are more aggressive can learn to listen to others.

Know your own goals and your rights too. What do you want from a conversation or an action, and how far can you push things? When you know where you want to go and exactly what you are entitled to, you are more confident and this will come across in your words, your voice, and your body actions.

Being assertive works and remember, you deserve respect and are as entitled to your view as anyone else. Bear this mantra in mind next time you have to debate something and see the results.

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