Is a woman’s brain really different?

Is a woman’s brain really different?

The old joke about a woman’s brain being different to a man’s can attract quite a lot of, shall we say, anger. Is there any truth to the assertion that our brains are somehow different?

Scientists have been pondering over that question for generations. Is a woman’s brain different to a man’s? If we believe the scientists they are a bit different in terms of how they work alright, but it’s not a bad thing.

When it comes to human relationships, women’s brains pack a real punch. Women’s intuition is not just an old adage, it seems to be a real thing, whereby women can perceive feelings and understand emotions a bit more. Talking, crying and working through things are part of our makeup, whilst men, being more task oriented struggle with this side of things a little. Men can sometimes be more focussed on getting things done, whilst women can spend more time coming to a more holistic solution to a problem. This apparently comes from the fact that women can work better with both hemispheres of the brain, whilst men predominantly use the left one.

It it said that the part of the brain that does the maths is actually bigger in men, but the area the controls language is bigger in women. Interesting observation on the argument that men are better at maths and women at language. Perhaps it all comes down to our ability to communicate better. The part of the brain that controls spatial intelligence is said to work better in men too, so any girl who is bad at at directions has a valid excuse.

Men’s brains are actually bigger, but that does not make them smarter. The reason for this is that they need more neurons to work a bigger body. So, they have bigger brains that us, and they can park a car better, but when it comes to the deeper side of human relationships and taking a more considered approach to issues, it seems women win the day. They say if women ran the world it would be a more peaceful place, and this seems to be true. So let the guys keep the maths, we know how strong we really are. If only the world leaders could see it too…

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