How to tame your sugar addiction

How to tame your sugar addiction

Sugar addiction is real and it’s getting more and more press lately. If you have realised that you are eating too much of this stuff, and want to cut down, here are some handy tips for doing so.

Eating sugar filled foods feels good and food manufacturers know that, so the stuff is hidden in so many things we eat it’s incredible. You may notice that you feel great after eating certain foods or needs a sweet treat when you are low – sugar addiction is out there and most of us actually have it. If it’s something you feel that you would like to get under control however, here are some handy ways to do so.

Find the sugar. Take a look at your cupboards and look at the ingredients on the labels of what you are buying. What you are looking for is sugar, and more so refined sugar which has little nutritional benefit. Producers can’t put sugar on everything as it would not be ideal, so they call it a host of other names. Educate yourself on what these names are and you are better equipped to avoid picking up products filled with them. In particular, the low cal food options are often filled with sugar to bring back the taste they lose when fat is taken away.

Now you know what to avoid, start to stock up with alternatives. Sugary cereals, cookies, so called diet yoghurts can all go in favour of less sugary alternatives. Seek out grains, fruits and wholesome foods and make sure they are what you have to hand when you want to snack or prep a meal.

Finally, don’t sweat if if you slip up. A life without sweetness might not be so much fun so make sure that you let yourself have a treat now and again. After all, you are already being so good…

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