How to make a blind date work

How to make a blind date work

The dreaded blind date – or is it? By taking the right approach, you can make this a painless, and even a pleasant experience.

The first thing to do is to consider is how you approach the blind date. Go into the whole thing with an open mind, like you are meeting up with a friend. This makes the whole thing less pressured from your point of view and puts your date at ease too.

Do your research, learn as much as you can about the person you are going to meet. Some background information is good for any meeting, and this will help you find things to talk about. It also helps you plan the venue or type of date too. If you are uncertain about the person you are meeting, maybe an afternoon coffee works better than a long evening dinner.

Enjoy yourself. This might not turn out to be the partner of your dreams, but that does not mean you can’t have an enjoyable time. Make the best of it if things don’t turn out to as you wanted. Try to be pleasant too and avoid being offensive. If your blind date consistently does not do this, then it’s probably time to terminate the evening. Should their behaviour be less than impressive, be clear about this, and tell them you would like to leave.

When it comes to dressing, it’s good to find somewhere in the middle of the scale. Overdressing could make your date feel underdressed and underdressing may look as if you have made no effort. Casual, yet looking like you have made an effort to be presentable is the best way to go.

Stick to the truth, even if you want the person to be crazy about you. If a relationship comes out of it, they will probably find out any untruths anyway and this could jeapordise things. You need to be open to a point too however. Revealing where you live for example could wait until you are more sure about the person. Be honest at the end of the date too. Do you want to see this person again? If so, tell them, but if not make it clear and don’t leave people wondering.

It’s tricky to relax when meeting someone in this way, but if you can treat is as a bit of fun and keep your expectations real, you might find you are having a great time.

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