How to handle the Christmas obligations with grace

How to handle the Christmas obligations with grace

Christmas is a time of warmth, joy and what should be relaxation. If you are tied down with a pile of obligatory visits and functions before it even starts however, it can be the opposite. In fact, some even dread the prospect.

Life is busy and all year you can find yourself running around non stop. Then comes Christmas, work stops and you get to relax with family. The problem is, when there are non stop family visits clogging up the entire break, chilling out dissapears from view and it begins to feel like you will start the new year as tired as you were ending it.

If you just don’t get along with another family member, or struggle when there are just too many around, the family obligation thing can become a bit of a struggle. Obligatory visits are nice for many, but if they are not your thing, or they have gotten a little out of hand to the point that they become a strain, it’s time to bring things into line. Year after year, it crops up, an eyesore on what should be a nice time of the year. Gift buying can get out of control and the sheer amount of prep is just too much.

That’s not to say that the family obligation thing should never be fun, but what you need to do is get it into a form that you can live with, or even enjoy, especially when you are not with your own family. There is no reason why you cannot visit on that most special of days, but sitting around for hours may not need to be a part of it. A drink and a toast to the end of a year and an close conversation can be enough.

Think a little on your own priorities in advance, outline what works for you and see how it flies. You might be surprised, that could be what the others have wanted all along.

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