How to get more time to think

How to get more time to think

Sometimes, when your head is completely full and life is busy it’s hard to find time to think. Often we find that taking some time out from running around actually allows the answers to our problems to fall into our head. Without the time to process everything, how on earth can we come up with solutions?

There are times when all you need is some time to think, but you can’t get it because there are constant interruptions in the form of daily life. There are a few tricks to getting yourself some more pondering time however, and they are not as radical as you might think.

Walking is one great way to free your mind and find time to think. Getting along the hustle and bustle in the city is a distraction so seek out a quiet place where you can take in a view and let your thoughts settle. Keep notes of the ideas you have too, to avoid forgetting them as soon as you are back. If you can’t get away for a walk, find a quiet place to park the car and give yourself some time away from it all.

Meditation is a great way to free the mind and open the channels to new ideas or solutions to problems. Letting go of what is cramming your mind is a great way to let new information in.

Write it out. Write down pros and cons, or list solutions or ideas. Create a flow of thoughts and capture them on paper. From there you can start to think about next steps and how you can make things happen.

Think everything through. Explore an issue indepth. What information are you still missing that prevents you from concluding the right course of action? If you have an idea run the whole lot of it through your head before jumping in and getting started on it. By going through it in your head you may discover a fatal flaw before you waste time on something that won’t work.

When you have given yourself time to think, you will find the answers appear and you are less stressed about not having seen to something. It’s hard to find the space, but if you can, it will save you time in the long run.

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