How to become a successful entrepreneur

How to become a successful entrepreneur

Many people dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, running their own business and being able to have a lifestyle full of freedom and purpose.

So, how does one done achieve such a life? According to Lucia Sandaal, founder of the Power Women’s Network, becoming a successful entrepreneur has to do with a number of factors. Lucia’s network is a platform that empowers women start-ups to create a life of freedom & purpose. Lucia helps women make a decision as to that they want to do. Commit to their decision, for which Lucia’s platform provides tools to help achieve this. The final step is to succeed at what women start-ups aim to do.

In this episode of Word Up! Lucia explains more about her women’s network and how she helps women achieve the life they dream of. As part of every Word Up! episode, Lucia gives her 3 golden tips also.

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