How to be more romantic

How to be more romantic

Feeling not so romantic? Caught up in the foray of every busy day and simply have neither the time nor the energy to be the romantic person you used to be? Well, there are still some small things that you can do.

How on earth to show you are still a romantic person? With the endless to do lists and daily run around, it is possible to show you care? It is actually, and it does not need to mean a huge investment of time or money. Here are a few ways to be romantic, that take hardly any of your time, money, or energy, yet they still mean a lot.

The simple things in life are sometimes the most powerful. Why not offer your significant other a back rub or massage with some great lotion. A food rub works well too. Alternatively, set up a bath with bubbles to sit in and to drink. Wonderful!

It might sound cheesy, but you could also write a short poem or story about what your partner means to you. The pen is mightier than not only the sword and it will show that despite your business, you are thinking about someone.

Turn up at work and bring him out to a nice lunch somewhere posh. You could even send flowers or chocolates to the office – it’s not just the guys who do that. Alternatively, have a dinner with candles et al ready when he comes back home.

Ok, it’s getting cheesier now, but you could dedicate a song on the radio and tell him when to listen in. Cheesy, cheap and easy, but also impactful. Basically, it’s all about saying loud and clear that you have not forgotten to be romantic. You will be suprised at what a few small actions can achieve.

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