How to get motivated when you feel totally not so

How to get motivated when you feel totally not so

Being a motivated person is a good thing, but it’s no guarantee of feeling ready for action every single day. Sometimes, you need to give yourself that extra little push.

It’s hard to be motivated all of the time, and some days, you simply don’t feel like it. One would argue that you should probably just take a break, but what if you simply must get something done? Here are some great tips for helping yourself to push on through and get motivated.

One good thing to do is keep the bigger picture in sight. Look at your goals and picture yourself reaching them. It’s easy to get sidetracked by the details of actually getting there and if you focus on the smaller stuff, boredom or stress can set in. Think about why you embarked on this journey, write down your goals, and you will find the motivation to stay on your path.

Get rid of back doors. Sometimes this involves a bit of a leap of faith. Part of removing the risk of becoming de-motivated and falling back on an easier option is to remove the easy option. Set yourself a deadline or make an appointment that creates a timeline. You won’t be able to fall off schedule if you need deadlines and the ‘do it tomorrow’ option is now gone.

Be open. Tell people what you are planning, once the news is out there, you need to report on success. This way you can’t back out and just not bother telling anyone about it. You could even create a group of like minded people and get others involved. That makes things infinitely more interesting, and provides you with extra group support and motivation.

Get the word out there, don’t give yourself excuses, and break the work up into smaller, more manageable pieces. When you reach your final goal, it will all be worth it and you will be happy you stayed motivated to get there. Good luck!

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