Women’s happiness – is it declining?

Women’s happiness – is it declining?

Women’s happiness has been a hot topic for generations now, so how are we doing on this front? Are we happier?

One would think we should be, women have certainly come a long way since the days of the suffragettes and now occupy a much more vibrant role outside of the home. Yet, according to a 2009 study, we are not only not happy, our happiness is declining. The study shows that women in general report feeling less happy in both themselves and relative to men, and this crosses all groups including working women, stay at home mums, divorced and married, and young and old.

So why is this happening? Could it be the fact that women feel more empowered to speak out now  and say if they are truly happy? Has the bar been raised and women just expect more out of life? Maybe we will feel happy, but when we reach all of our life’s goals. Are we just a miserable bunch, or is life really not as good for us?

It’s hard to tell, despite the change in lifestyles and position women have experienced over the years. We still lag behind in things like equal pay, yet, women play a bigger role than ever in business and politics, previously no-go areas for the girls.

The good news is that we are wired in a way that helps us to maintain happiness. Our natural ability to find solutions to problems, to be patient and to look on the positive side of things is a boon to us in many cases. With women, relationships matter. We built and maintain them and they can be an incredible source of support in our times of need. Women’s naturally empathy allows them to give support to each other, and our ability to cry out when we feel down brings us support when we need it.

Whatever the reality is, whether we are truly happy or not, one thing is certain. Women just never give up and will keep at it until they get there. And that in itself is a happy thought.



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