Emotional intelligence is more helpful than you think

Emotional intelligence is more helpful than you think

In the working world the general wisdom has been that emotional intelligence is not really the key to success. It’s the more ruthless types with less empathy that can fight their way to the top.

A recent study has shown this to be untrue however and employers seem to find those with better emotional intelligence are great assets to the company. How can it be then that emotional intelligence can help you in your career?

We all have our own distinctive personalities, and they are pretty much set in stone. The handy thing about emotional intelligence however, is that you can increase your use of it, you can project the type of personality that gets along in work. Some personality traits that employers find attractive connect to positive aspects of emotional intelligence so if you can tap into them and develop them, it could make a difference.

One good trait for success is to be able to handle conflict, in an intelligent way. Being unafraid of it and knowing not to use it as a tool is a way to get ahead and find success in negotiations. Courage and focus are also traits that emotionally intelligent people are blessed with. Being unafraid to ask questions, challenge a decision in a healthy way, or keep an eye on the end goal all help to move one along the career path. Being able to handle one’s ego and emotions is a very important facet of one’s character too. In addition, being accountable for mistakes and unafraid to note when a mistake has been made are traits valued by employers.

Being emotionally intelligent is about having a strong character but in all the right ways. If you thought you were not ruthless enough it may be time to think again. Embrace your emotional intelligence, you will actually do better for it.

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