Don’t ignore the daily stress

Don’t ignore the daily stress

Daily stress is there in some shape of form on most days. The fact is that you can’t always run away from it. Blanking it out is not the answer, in fact facing up to it might be a better strategy.

Rather that turn away from stress or try to pretend it’s not happening, a better tactic seems to be to actually dwell on it a little. This is not to say you need to let it make you depressed, but having a little ponder on it is not such a bad thing. Consider the stressors that you encounter day by day. What are the ones that pop up most often? When you know what they are you can start to think about ways to manage them or get rid of them altogether. Could someone in particular be stressing your out for example? Then perhaps it’s time to get some distance from them. Are you a perfectionist? Perhaps it’s time to go for less than absolutely perfect on everything.

Time is a good antidote to stress. When you are constantly in reaction mode, you don’t give yourself the space to think about things or what adds to the pace and worry in life. It could be the case that you need to make a cuppa and sit down and think about it.

Getting your mind in shape only happens when your body is in shape too. Sleep, food and exercise are vital as the first point of defence against the negative aspects of stress.

Daily stress will pop up every day, but as long as you can give youself the time to consider this foe, work out how to handle it and deal with it, you can work your way to a future where you are a little bit more free from it.

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