Closing off the work day in the best possible way

Closing off the work day in the best possible way

Any working mother will testify to the stresses of finishing off the work day. Scrambling through as much as you can before you leave and going home with a head full of unfinished business is a sure-fire recipe for a stressful evening. So how does one switch off?

There is nothing worse that the feeling of an incomplete work day. So many women arrive home from work, stressed and torn between the need to be present at home and the mountain of work and deadlines still lurking on their desk.

There are a few things you can do however to clear your head and pave the way for a more relaxed evening. Suprisingly, these short actions at the end of the work day can help you get your head around things and leave in a better state. One good thing to do is to scan your list of to-dos. By knowing exactly what has to be done, you can focus your mind on the actions you can take rather than a vague notion of the work that looms over you. In addition, knowing what you need to do will mean you can get straight into it the next day instead of pondering where to start.

Take a look at what is in the diary and plot in those unfinished items as much as you can. That way you feel like you have done something about the outstanding work already.

Before you leave, get your desk tidy as possible. You will be surprised at the impact this has on you when you look at it in the morning and it will be easier to find things too.

It’s a good idea to quickly talk to colleagues or even your manager if you can too. You can ensure you are focussing on the right things in this way. Your manager could have priorities you did not expect and this could change your work too. You can even prevent surprises in the morning with snippets of information you pick up.

During the day, make sure you get the ball rolling where you need other people to do work too. If a printer needs a brief, get it to them early in the day so they can get started. Make calls and chase people in the morning so they have time to come back to you during the day. You will find you have achieved a lot more by the end of the day by getting others moving first thing.

If you can take time to breathe and organise your head at the end of the work day, you will reap the benefits in the evening, and be an all-round more relaxed person.


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