Changing career in middle age

Changing career in middle age

Hitting middle age can be an emancipating experience for many women. It’s at this point that they can feel that they now truly know who they are.

This is it and it’s not going to change, so let’s make the best of it, and such a new-found belief in oneself can make its way into a woman’s career sphere also. If you have reached this point in your life and had an epiphany about the career for you, here is some good guidance as you reach for new goals.

Clearly define your priorities – what will give you that feeling of being fulfilled? What kind of job, industry, work-load do you really want? What was missing in what you have been doing up to now?

Then, keeping in your head what you want your final goal to be, put a detailed plan together about how you are going to get there. Refer to it, and update if necessary.

Take the next step by identifying specifically what you would like to see in your next career, taking into consideration the type of work, environment, schedule and intensity level of what you have in mind.

Try to get on the job training or valid experience from volunteering or internships. This will increase and update your skills and bring you into contact with people who could be hiring.

Keep your resolve. It’s not a regular path to take, most are settled in a job and a way of life, and at this stage, choose to stay on it. If you believe this is the right move for you however, then go for it. Don’t take advice or opinion too much to heart if it feels wrong.

Certainly not easy to do, but staying in a career that is unfulfilling will, in the long term probably prove more difficult. For women that can rise to the challenge, the results can be life-changing.


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