Changing career at 40

Changing career at 40

It’s a tough decision to make, faced with monthly bills and responsibilities, making a career change at 40 can seem impossible. Career changers must be both daring and cautious at the same time, and they don’t always get it right. Forbes have highlighted the top 5 mistakes people make during this transition. These mistakes are; not re-gaining success in your current career before leaving it; not developing a sound a financial support plan; falling into work you are not suited to or passionate about; not searching deep enough for the right thing; and giving up too quickly.

It is possible to get it right however, and author Richard Borres, has some essential tips for those considering taking the plunge.

1. Change only one thing at a time. If you’re changing your career, try to avoid other major life changes as well. Keep your home life, social life, relationships, and health as steady as possible.

2. Start with you, not the job market. Avoid taking the media or industry’s advice on the “hottest new careers” or “best places to find a job.” Instead, figure out what you want.

3. Free yourself from old patterns. Look around for any type of career that interests you. Often, we fall back into the patterns we’ve been living all our lives. Why stay in the same job market when you’re changing careers at 40 – push the edges a little?

4. Take your time. This may be the last time you take this big of a risk! “The more time and thought you can give to choosing your career, the better your choice will be.

5. Expect to make mistakes. You have time to correct and recover from a bad decision – and the only way to know it’s a bad career choice is if you try it. Take a risk, and learn to be okay with making mistakes.

6. Remember there are no guarantees. Use your interests and passions as the foundation of your decision. Don’t rely on the industry, or the job market to help you decide what career to choose.

And last, but certainly not least….

7. Have fun making this change! This is your chance to create a new life, start fresh, and use your brain and body in a whole new way.


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