Celeb mums – both extremes

Celeb mums – both extremes

Celeb mums – always on our radar and always in the media. We’ve taken a look at two extremes of celebrity motherhood  – Jennifer Garner and Courtney Love.

Jennifer is often snapped hanging out with her kids, and even donning the track suits like the rest of us do. In fact, when you look for pictures of her online, they are frequently of a sneaker-clad Jennifer with kids in tow. With the natural comfort she seems to have around  her kids it looks like she has have found the magic formula for combining motherhood and an incredible career. She is rarely seen strutting around in heels, or with the nannies in tow, Jennifer seems to be hands on all the way.

Moving on to Courtney Love, we find the a different story. The singer is sadly estranged from her only daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, for years. At the tender age of 17, Francis actually filed a restraining order against her mother and left to live with other family members. Legal documents later revealed that the order was granted due to domestic violence charges against Love filed by Kurt Cobain.

Kudos to Jennifer and commiserations to poor Courtney. The rest of us regular mums out there can take comfort in the fact that we probably all fall somewhere within the two extremes. It’s quite plausible that we are not doing too bad a job at all!

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