Cat videos we love

Cat videos we love

The internet has been flooded with cat videos. We’ve seen cats and cucumbers, cats with boxes, cats with their owners and some more crazy cat things. What is our obsession with cats these days?…

Keyboard cat and Grumpy cat, you know who we’re talking about. These two cats have taken the internet by storm and have literally become internet sensations. We suspect the owners are pretty loaded by now too and why not? But the cat storm seems like something to stay. As a cat lover and owner myself, I can appreciate all of the cat videos. Cats are strange creatures, you either love them or hate them, but cats do really strange things sometime and most of us have no clue as to why.

This year a Kickstarter campaign was started to fund the book ‘Cat is art spelled wrong’. The campaign raised over $34.000 for a book of essays on the cat video phenomenon. On top of this the first ever Cat-Con which is the cat version of Comic-Con has also been started. Celebs are present with their cats but there was all sorts of cat lovers merchandise available too.

Its a crazy cat world, that’s for sure. I’m going to leave you now with a great cat video compilation. Enjoy, miaow!!

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