Bedtime stories and why they are so good

Bedtime stories and why they are so good

Bedtime stories can be the not so grand finale to an exhausting day. You just are not always in the mood to read them and it can be a bit of a drag. Suddenly, one day your kids don’t want to hear them anymore and instead of relief you feel a sense of horror.

Bedtime stories are one example of the paradox of parenthood. When you are in a daze of exhaustion, you find yourself grumbling about tasks such as this. Yet, when the need for them is no longer there, you feel bereft and wish you had done them more. Can we ever win? Probably not.

Bedtime stories are much more than a way to get the kids to sleep. They are a way to bond with your kids and according to the experts are a key part of building literacy in children. Giving your kids a love of books is a wonderful thing and bedtime stories can help to instill this. But it’s hard, especially when you have read the same lines over and again, or wait impatiently for the right book to be chosen, when all you want to do is lie down yourseld. All the experts in the world just can’t get you through that teddy bear story again.

The trick is to probably flash forward in your head to when this will no longer be necessary and to realise that that will come around a lot faster than you can imagine. It’s good for your kids, it’s good for your relationship with them and it seems like it’s good for their future too. Hard to believe it may be, but take a deep breath and start reading. There will come a time when they don’t want you to read to them anymore.


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