That awkward conversation with your boss – how to make it better

That awkward conversation with your boss – how to make it better

You’re not happy at work, but you don’t want to come across as a negative and de-motivated person. So how on earth to you go about saying that to the boss? This is a tough dilemma for any working woman.

There is a way to go about this without coming across as a moany Minnie who simply doesn’t want to do their job, and you are within your rights to flag your dissatisfaction.

A good way to approach this, according the The Muse, is to add suggestions on how to solve problems in a mutually beneficial way. Don’t just lay it all out, but have come up with possible ways to resolve the situation that work for you and for the company. An example is given of a meeting being held during lunch – you could mention that it’s more effective to have it before lunch or after, when people are less hungry and more focussed. There’s also a message in there that you sacrificed your lunch hour, which the boss, hopefully, should pick up on.

You can also approach the conversation in a way where you are asking for advice. If, for example you are finding it tricky to work with a colleague, say so, mention what you have done to overcome the issue, and see if the boss has any suggestions. You have then brought up the issue, and made them aware, but in a positive way.

Another way is to ask the boss for help. Mention certain things are impacting on your motivation and request his or her help in getting you back on track. This shows you are committed to doing your best, and by reaching out in this way you are proving that you want to stay good at what you do.

It’s not easy, but tackling this conversation in the right way will have benefits, not only for you, but for your boss and the workplace. Good luck!

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