Are you living with Dyslexia?

Are you living with Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is an extremely common condition and until recently, one that generations of people has suffered in silence. In fact, many might not have even been told they had it.

Living with dyslexia can pose challenges, especially in your professional life. Using numbers and words can be quite a portion the work in many professions and this makes life difficult at times. Not everyone can overcome dyslexia either, but living with it is possible, and steps can be taken to reduce its impact.

The first thing to do is practice reading and writing. Dyslexia is not a reason to give up on reading, in fact, the more you do, the more you can help yourself. Use technology. Even is spelling is an issue, you can still write, especially on the computer, where spelling and grammar checks are always provided.

Find the right time to tell people that you have dyslexia. It’s best to let people know, but announcing it in the middle of a meeting might not be the best idea. Find a time and situation where you feel comfortable telling someone and bear in mind that it is not like you are divulging something so terrible.

Find other ways to build your confidence. For many dyslexics, school can be a difficult time, when they are heavily measured on reading and writing skills. Find your strengths, are you a good critical thinker or a good people person?

There is much more to you than reading and writing, so bring out those qualities and let people see who you are. Even with dyslexia, there are so many ways that you can excel. Get out there and refuse to hide your light in a bushel.

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